4 oz. Gold Aluminum Foil Cup - #1110NL

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4 oz. Gold Aluminum Foil Cup - #1110

  • This item has been discontinued. Once they are gone there will not be more
  • Nice gold colored foil on the outside and natural aluminum on the inside
  • You can bake in this cup and the color will not fade. Great for fancy cupcakes, creme brulee, flan, and individual size portions  
  • One possible downside to this pan:  
  • it's made of thin foil -- by that I mean the foil is not very heavy, so the pan is not strong  
  • We now have a better quality 4 oz cup #A50NL
  • Foil Ramekins and Cups

4 oz. gold foil cup dimensions: 

  • Outside diameter (rim to rim): 3"
  • Depth: 1"
  • Bottom diameter: 2¼
  • Capacity: 4 fluid oz.
  • 25 gauge aluminum foil

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Made in China by Agiant