Acrylic Shaker

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Acrylic Salt or Pepper Shaker

  • Can be used for salt or pepper or spices
  • Nice looking clear acrylic plastic shaker stands 3-1/2" tall, 2-1/4" wide
  • Easy to grip center, and wide base makes it stable, hard to tip over
  • Rubber plug on fill hole on bottom
  • Quality is good, but not great, has a chromed plastic top
  • It's very solid, and a good medium size
  • The hole in the top center is a little oversize and pours very freely, so if you turn the shaker upside down it will pour a lot, if you just shake it at an angle it pours less
  • So it's a good shaker for the table, and it works good for cooking too, where you may want to use more salt  

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