Addressing Recent Price Increases

Recently we have seen numerous increases from our manufacturers on Aluminum pans. A couple of  manufacturers have been relentless in increasing their prices to absurd amounts. We know that inflation is hard enough right now and we want you to know that we are working very hard at renegotiating prices and finding quality substitutes so that we may keep pricing down for you. It is a process and one that we are committed to. Due to recent increases we will be minimizing all purchases from Handi-Foil and are actively seeking out replacements. Here is the list of new replacements coming in June which will be at a lower cost. All new replacements will be supplied by D & W fine pack and Western Plastics, both here in the United States and of great quality. While the prices have increased substantially over the last few months please be assured that as soon as the new product is in we will be lowering our prices on these items. 

#5000NL and 5000P 



All Catering trays

1155NL & 1155P

1200NL & 1200P

All take out pans- Round and oblong


#4001 (already replaced with #2411 or #11104)





All steam tables and lids


If you would still like us to carry a Handi-Foil or Durable product for you please contact us and we will continue to source what you need, otherwise all replacements will be fully available over the next few months. 

We thank you for your continued support and are working hard to ensure the best for our customers.