Announced Price Increase June 1st, 2018

Announced Price Increase June 1st, 2018

Our least favorite part of being in this business is dealing with the seemingly never ending string of increases between freight, shipping, and of course from our manufacturers. Over the years we have done our absolute best to keep costs down and to absorb the increases without raising prices too much. The reasons for these increases are reflective of the new Tariffs imposed by our government as well as the increased costs of fuel and freight. We would like to inform our customers as there is no way we can absorb these increases without increasing our prices. We will do our best to not increase prices before we absolutely have to. We have begun our search for replacements at lower costs and then there are some pans we will be discontinuing altogether.  If you have any questions or requests for larger quantities before the price increase, please give us a call. The following increases have been announced:

D & W finepack products: 20% increase June 8th

Handi-Foil products: 20% increase June 11th

Durable Packaging: 20% increase June 15th

Chief Industries: 5 % Increase June 15th

These increases apply to aluminum products only. Plastic containers will not be affected.

We are truly sorry that we will have to increase our prices this much and will be working hard to find alternative solutions that will work better for our business as well as yours. Thank you for your business with KitchenDance