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Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer - #21274

  • Chef Craft brand, for temperature measurement in a sauce pan (not for oven use)
  • Adjustable clip, glass tube - overall 8" long, for candy and deep-fry use  
  • Fahrenheit range 100 to 400 degrees, and Centigrade range 25 to 200 degrees
  • Note that this thermometer can be completely submersed in liquid because the glass tube is totally sealed, there are no openings in it
  • The red ball on the metal clip is made of wood; it's a handle   
  • Instructions included on package (not shown in the photos, this item comes in a standard blister pack.)
  • Keep the tip off of the bottom of the pan when cooking.
  • Measure sugar-syrup temperature; use this instrument for making fudge, panocha, caramel, divinity, popcorn balls, taffies, butterscotch, peanut brittle, glace, barley sugar, and so on
  • For deep fat frying foods such as chicken, doughnuts, fritters, onions, french fries, etc. Make certain the oil temperature is correct for the food you're cooking - you may want a crisp, dry sealing and quick internal cooking  

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Made in China,  ChefCraft Brand