Disney Night Light - Donald Duck - vintage

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Disney Plastic Night Light - Donald Duck  

  • Walt Disney's Donald Duck Night Light -- neon -- made by General Electric
  • Copyright date on package is 1977, this is old stock, almost old enough to be collectible
  • This all plastic device uses ¼ watt of power, so it's not very bright, and doesn't cost much in electricity
  • No on/off switch needed, just plug it in, usually this kind of neon light lasts for years.
  • The light measures 2" across, about an inch thick not including the electric plug
  • The character face turns inside the housing so that no matter how the plug is oriented the face can be turned upright
  • This is new merchandise that had been buried in a warehouse for years
  • The packages are roughed up and shopworn and old looking but the light is in good condition - we guarantee they work
  • Notice on the package reads: "CAUTION: THIS IS NOT A TOY and is not intended for use by children", because it plugs into the wall electrical circuit
  • Package also reads: "This decorative night light provides a soft, comfortable glow
  • The light is bright enough to help prevent accidents, yet too low to be distracting
  • No need to switch On or Off - ¼ watt bulb burns all year for pennies  
  • Copyright Walt Disney Productions