Lucky 3 Legged Pig

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Lucky 3 Legged Pig - Handmade  

  • Lucky Pig - Pomaireware™ A cute lucky 3 legged pig
  • about 1¾" tall and about 1¾" long
    the fortune cookie and the quarter are in the photo to give an idea of the size of the pig  
  • Hand made of clay in Chile, this little piggy is, well...kind of anatomically correct, if you look at the inset photo which shows the back end (click on the photo for a better view.)  
  • Ovens work around the clock in Pomaire, packed full of clay pieces
  • Each item is formed, dried, then smoothed and burnished with an agate stone before being fired. No glaze or varnish is used, the only ingredient is lead free clay
  • It takes around 8 hours in the oven to create the dry, hard finish.
  • This is a hand made item, so no two are exactly alike,
  • Each one has it's own blemishes and shades of color.

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