Pastry Bag / Cake Decorating Kit #21280

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Pastry Bag / Cake Decorating Kit  #21280

  • For fancy food and cake decoration, this pastry bag is just the ticket
  • There are 5 decorating tips, made of hard white plastic
  • Bag is made of a fairly sturdy white plastic and it measures about 13" long, and 8" at the widest point; it's securely heat shrink fitted to the nozzle base
  • Quality is good, made in China for Chef Craft
  • Put the filling in the bag and twist the open end shut, then squeeze the bag to force the filling out the nozzle
  • When you want to create designs on cakes, pastries, cookies, cup cakes, pies, etc - you may choose between an icing syringe or a pastry bag
  • A pastry bag allows more subtlety of control, while an icing syringe is a little easier to control

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