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Steamer Basket

  • All stainless steel food steamer basket
  • Size adjusts to fit most sauce pans, and it folds up for storage
  • The center post and pull ring can be removed (it unscrews) - to create more room for cooking vegetables, fish, shellfish, etc. Good quality item, made in China for Chef Craft
  • It has 3 legs that keep the basket off the bottom of the pot (they don't show in the photo.)
  • To use: run about 1" (or less) of water in your cooking pot, place the steamer in the pot with veggies inside, cover with a tight fitting lid to retain steam, bring to a boil

Steamer Dimensions - #21522:

  • 9" max width (unfolded)
  • 5½" minimum width
  • 2½" overall height

Food Steamer pricing:
$7.99 each