Independence Day Summer Cake

Independence Day Summer Cake

20170603-184608.jpgThis is a great cake, light and airy and full of fresh fruit. A perfect summer cake and the colors make it great for 4th of July... Our 13 x 9 x 2 size pan (#4700P) is a really nice size for a party or get together, and the #1100P for the at home recipe. The recipe will be for the 13 x 9 x 2 size, if you want to make the smaller one just cut the recipe in Half. 

What you will need.......

2 Loaves of Angel food Cake

4 boxes of instant cheesecake flavored pudding...and milk

1 tub cool whip

2 regular size containers of  Strawberries

2 regular size containers of blueberries

2 regular size containers of raspberries

Prep: Make the pudding as instructed on the box and put in the fridge. 

While the pudding is setting I cut up the Angel food loaves into 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch slices. And I start to line the bottom of the foil pan with the angel food. There will be some empty pockets and I just trim the angel food to fit so that it is covered on the bottom. 

Next we will take our cheesecake pudding and spread a 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch layer over the angel food cake. Really work it in and smooth it out. 

After that it is time to lay down a layer of berries. You can lay them out any way you want to. I usually start with sliced strawberries around the outside and work my way in rotating berries. There is no wrong way!

Next we will want to put down a layer of cool whip. The trick is to really whip the cool whip before spreading on the berries so that it is soft and easy to spread. You want your layer to be even and cover the berries. 

Now we repeat our steps

1. Angel food layer

2. Pudding layer- this is the last layer so use it all!

3. The berries- this is the top of the cake, so you can arrange them in a decorative way. Remember there is no wrong way, the colors are really beautiful and you really can't go wrong with your design. 

That's it. You can top with more cool whip when ready to eat. Super easy to make and really delicious. A sure hit for any party. My girlfriend's always ask me to make this when they know I am making a cake for a party or get together.