Disposable Aluminum Foil BBQ Grill Wok - #75600W

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Disposable Aluminum Foil BBQ Grill Wok Pan 

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Closeout cost $1.75 per unit. 

  • Stir fry a variety of dishes on the BBQ, fish, vegetables, kabobs, chicken and other meats.
  • The small holes prevent food from falling through.
  • The grill wok will cut down on high flames and flare ups, and prevent your food from burning.
  • This particular pan has raised edges making it easy to keep smaller foods on the grill.

Dimensions for foil BBQ grill wok pan: 

Top outside dimensions (rim to rim): 12¾" x 10¼"
Top inside dimensions: 11¾" x 9¼"
Depth: 1½"
Hole diameter: " 

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