KitchenDance 11" Disposable Aluminum Foil Pie Pan #2411

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11" Disposable Aluminum Foil Pie Pan - Deep - #2411

Due to supply delays these will not be in until April/May

We have a replacement pan #11104 now available

This is a new pie pan made for KitchenDance. We still carry the other version which can be found here #4001

  • A large pie pan, suited for heavier fruit and crème pies. 
  • Strong and sturdy for most uses.
  • Important! This pan is 10½" rim to rim, be sure to READ the dimensions

11" disposable foil pie pan dimensions:  

  • Top outside diameter (rim to rim): 10½"  
  • Top inside diameter:  9¾
  • Bottom diameter: 7½
  • Depth: 1¼
  • 50 gauge aluminum foil
  • Capacity: 44 fluid oz.

Factory case = 500

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BUYING GUIDE - IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please don't rely on just the photos for your purchasing decision - pie pans look pretty much alike in the pictures. You will want to Read the dimensions - see if this is the right size pan for you. We call this an 11" pan by measuring the top outside rim to rim, if you measure the inside it's more like 10". A little extra attention now will pay off... we've found by experience is that it's easier and cheaper to take an extra minute or so and make sure that you buy the correct size, rather than buy the wrong pan and have to pay to ship it back to us for exchange.