kitchendance-about.jpg has been online since 2002. Prior to that we had physical stores in Southern California.  

Contact info:
Email and phone number is at the top of every page on this web site.

Our Warehouse address is:

4709 Allmond Ave. 

Suite 2A

Louisville, KY 40209

Mailing address is


PO Box 968

San Jacinto, California 92581.

Keep reading to find out where this all started and where we came from!

What's on this page:
Foil Products, Payment and Security, Privacy Policy, Refunds, Shipping/Handling, Close Outs, Sales Tax, International, Technical Details, Address and Phone, and a short history called About Us.

We specialize in supplying disposable aluminum foil pans to individual homes and to businesses such as bakers, hotels and motels, restaurants, delicatessens, caterers, manufacturers, casinos, theme parks and more!


Sensitive info is handled sensibly: credit card info, addresses and phone numbers are handled appropriately and not shared or sold. Privacy is respected.

Our credit card processing company uses encryption for secure credit card transactions. We accept American Express, Discover Card, Mastercard, Visa, checks and money orders, and PayPal. All of these options are on the order form in the check out process. Credit card and PayPal orders ship right away.

Orders paid by check or money order will ship when the check clears our bank.

We can accept PayPal, use the "PayPal" option when checking out.

You can phone in your order - toll free in USA & Canada - 866 638-3374 - 6:30am to 4pm Eastern time Monday-Friday!

Note: On the order page, there is a "Comments" box where you can write a message to us. This comes to us immediately when you place an order, this is a good way to tell us about any special requests that concern your order.


Basically there are two things to be concerned about:

1) Outright fraud and theft

2) Technical ignorance and bungling.

We could go on about the technical details of why encryption is secure, but in short this at least as safe as - for example - handing your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant, or a hotel clerk. Nothing in life is risk-free, but paying here is safe, relatively speaking.

We do not store credit card numbers on our computers.

Here's the bottom line: We're honest. Maybe you'll have to go with your gut instinct about that.


We completely respect your privacy and we will not compromise it. If we have your email address, we will only use it for purposes related to the business we are conducting with you. If we want to start emailing you ads about our business, you’ll have to specifically tell us that’s OK. We won’t sell, rent, trade or give away anyone’s email address or any other info we have on file.

In the simplest terms: We won’t bother you if you don’t want to hear from us, and we won’t mess with your personal information.


If you’re not happy with your KitchenDance purchase, we want to make it right. So please let us know what happened - you can send it back and get a refund or store credit or exchange or whatever it takes to correct the problem. See our email address at the top of the page. If there’s a shipping issue, we’ll work it out, email us and describe the problem.


Our normal charge is a flat $6.95 per shipment, in the continental USA, we may use UPS, US Post Office Priority Mail or for some small items US First Class Mail. Delivery generally takes from 2 to 5 days or so, depending on distance. (For shipments outside the USA, please see our Shipping and Returns page.)

So the more you buy the cheaper each item becomes, in terms of cost to ship. Naturally, we're encouraging you to buy more, but please read on:

We put a lot of thought into our shipping fee - and it was not our intention to make it a profit source. The idea was 1) to cover our costs of shipping and handling, and 2) to keep it simple - you know what you’ll be paying for shipping and handling right from the start - no guesswork, no surprises.

Every order, big or small, incurs certain processing costs. Each order is retrieved from the management area of our web site, an invoice, shipping label, and letter are created on paper, this paperwork is sent into the warehouse where the order is picked, packed, and staged for shipping.

In the case of smaller orders, let’s say $5 worth of merchandise where the gross profit might be $2.50, we do not earn sufficient money to pay the cost of processing and still retain some profit, so the shipping/handling fee becomes more of a handling charge (and of course there’s the cost to ship, though it’s likely to be small.)

So it’s sort of a sliding scale, depending on the order the fee might cover more shipping or more handling. The profit in larger orders pays the processing, and the shipping/handling fee covers most of the shipping cost.

Like I said above, a big part of our plan was to keep the fee structure simple. Bottom line, to stay profitable we need the shipping and handling fee. Only other option would be to have a minimum order amount, and we’d rather not do that.

Alternative Shipping Methods: If you want us to ship using some method other than those indicated, please call or email.

With split shipments, where your order is sent to more than one location, we may charge $6.95 per shipment, but we will try to accommodate any special requests.

Have a question or comment about shipping? We know that in a mail order business shipping can be an issue, so send us an email, see our email address at the top of the page.


No tax when something is shipped to another state, but if it stays in Kentucky we must add sales tax. Our warehouse is located in Louisville, Kentucky


For shipping outside the USA, we will send an email telling how much we need to add for shipping/handling, and we will ask your approval before shipping and before you are charged.


Some of what we have is overstock, close outs, "new old stock" - in other words, we may never get any more of an item. Please bear this in mind: if you look at something today, it’s not necessarily going to be here later, we may not be able to get it again, at least not at the price you see today.

NOTE: We add new items frequently, this store is getting bigger.


Color accuracy: the colors you see on your computer monitor may not be an exact match to the actual colors of the merchandise, due to inaccuracies from both the camera and the monitor.


For written correspondence it’s best to use our PO box because occasionally someone parks a truck in front of the mail box and we don’t get mail delivered on time:
PO Box 968
San Jacinto, CA 92581

And then our warehouse street address:
4709 Allmond Ave

Suite 2A

Louisville, KY 40209

Local telephone: 502-384-0101
Toll free in USA and Canada: (866 638-3374)
Telephone hours: 6:30 am to 4pm Eastern time Monday through Friday.

ABOUT US -- by Kendall Smith

Our family has been in the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley (Palm Springs, California area) since before World War II. Grandma and Grandpa Smith (Elva and DR) began selling produce, then opened a grocery store on Harvard Street in Hemet. After the war when their two sons, Forrest and Quentin, returned from their jobs in the US Navy they took over the grocery business and, long story short, developed a chain of grocery supermarkets called Smith Brothers. The elder Smiths moved to nearby San Bernardino and, with their daughter Freda, developed a meat packing business.

Fast forward to the 21st century and KitchenDance is the current Internet-enabled store, owned by Forrest and Wanda’s son, me, Kendall Smith. How things change - but I still have a warehouse in the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley.

I purposely designed the store to be as easy to shop as possible, with (hopefully) fast loading photos of our merchandise and concise, honest descriptions. When you want to see a bigger image of an item click on the small photo and a larger one will appear. To go back, use your browser back button. (We do our own photography.)

One of the reasons for me writing all this (interesting?) stuff is to give some life and a face to our store. I know that on this Internet medium it can be hard to tell who you are dealing with. About all I can say is we’re really real, we’re conscientious hard working people, we’ll treat you with respect. See our "Privacy Policy", it’s pretty iron clad, no monkey business with your email address or anything else. I could go on and on about Trust, but you’ve got to draw your own conclusions.

We’re in business for the long term, we want happy clients, so please let us know if you have any problem with a purchase at KitchenDance. You can tell us if you’re really happy, too. Testimonials are always nice and so are referrals, if you like our store you may want to tell a friend.

How we got the name KitchenDance: it’s the name of a song by Dave Grusin, just thought it sounded good for a kitchen store.

OK, that's it. Maybe this wasn't all that fascinating, but now you have a better picture of us.

Picture shows Smith Bros. Market on Harvard Street in Hemet, California, 1940's.  


In remembrance...
...of Linda Lou Tolliver, who was instrumental in building this business. She passed on September 26, 2008, from lung cancer. Linda was kind, genuine, hard working - with a shining personality.