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Quick And Delicious Meatloaf With Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Quick And Delicious Meatloaf With Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Jun 14th 2024

This Lipton Onion Soup Meatloaf Recipe is a quick and hearty meal, perfect for busy weeknights. Combining  ground beef and pork with a sweet and tangy glaze, it delivers a burst of flavor in every bite. Whether you're serving it hot from the oven or as leftovers in a sandwich, this meatloaf is a family favorite.

Why This Recipe Is A Winner

  • Lipton Onion Soup Mix: The key to this recipe's delicious flavor is a simple packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix, which adds a wonderful onion taste that elevates the dish.
  • Two Types of Meat: Mixing ground beef with ground pork enhances the texture and richness, making the meatloaf extra juicy and flavorful.
  • Simplicity: This meatloaf is incredibly easy to prepare, making it an ideal choice for a busy Cinco de Mayo party or Mother's Day lunch when you need a hearty meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

Easy Lipton Onion Soup Meatloaf Recipe

Enjoy this easy, flavorful Lipton Onion Soup Meatloaf any night of the week for a meal sure to please everyone at the table!

Key Ingredients

  • Ground Meat: A combination of lean beef and pork creates the perfect base.
  • Lipton Onion Soup Mix: Adds a robust onion flavor.
  • Binders: Breadcrumbs, eggs, and milk keep the meatloaf moist and keep it together.
  • Flavor Boosters: Ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, chopped onions, and seasonings enhance the overall taste.
  • Glaze: The meatloaf is topped with a sweet and tangy mixture of ketchup, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, and spices.

Step-By-Step Instructions To Make Lipton Onion Soup Mix Meatloaf

  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper to get started. If you have a meatloaf pan, you can use that instead.
  2. Mix ground beef, pork, Lipton onion soup mix, eggs, breadcrumbs, milk, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, chopped onions, and black pepper in a big bowl. Stir everything together just until it's mixed.
  3. Form the meat mixture into a loaf and place it on the prepared baking sheet.
  4. Bake for 45 minutes in kitchendance aluminum foil pans.
  5. While baking, mix ketchup, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper in a small bowl.
  6. After 45 minutes, spread the glaze over the meatloaf and bake for 15-20 minutes until the internal temperature reaches 160°F.
  7. Let the Lipton meatloaf rest for 10 minutes before slicing.

Storage And Reheating Tips

  • Refrigerate: Store leftovers in a clear food container for 3 days. Reheat Lipton onion soup meatloaf in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes or in the oven at 350°F for 15 minutes.
  • Freeze: Wrap the cooled meatloaf in plastic wrap and foil, then place it in a freezer-safe bag. Freeze for up to three months. Thaw the meatloaf overnight in the fridge and reheat it in the oven until warmed through.

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Whether you're looking for a quick weeknight dinner or a comforting meal to enjoy at any time, this meatloaf will satisfy you. Its versatility lets you enjoy delicious leftovers or frozen portions for future meals. Try this classic recipe and enjoy the hearty, homemade taste with minimal effort. Happy cooking!