Colored Disposable Aluminum 4 oz. Ramekins- Baking Cups with Lids #A50P- Pack of 100

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Colored Aluminum 4 Ounce Ramekins-Baking Cups with Lids

Pack of 100 cups and 100 lids

These are also available without a lid:

Brightly colored aluminum cups are perfect for individual desserts, creme brulee, flan, mini cakes and many more uses. These are widely used for catering and events and work well for parties and home baking. Brightly colored on the outside, and interior is natural aluminum. These will not fade while baking and can be used in the oven, microwave, and freezer. (please note when microwaving aluminum, do not let the cup touch the sides of microwave.) 

Dimensions for Colored Aluminum 4 ounce Cup:

Outside Rim to Rim - 3-5/16"

Inside Diameter 2- 15/16"

Bottom Diameter 2-1/4"

Height is 1-1/2"

Lid adds 1/4" to top of cup and is flat. Can be stacked on top of eachother

Made of 30 gauge aluminum, this is a good quality cup. 


Pricing for 100 pack of Cups with lids:

$24.00 for 100 cups= $0.24 cents each, pan with lid


This is a new product and there is a limited quantity available as we are testing it. Please feel free to leave us a comment on how you like them or what other colors you would like to see. Your opinion matters to us.