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We stock a good selection of disposable aluminum pie pans (pie tins), and if you need mini pie pans, we have those too, in the foil tart pan section. We use tiered pricing - we sell any quantity you want - and of course the price gets better the more you buy.  If you need pie pans in bulk, we have them priced by the case pack (generally 500 or 1000 tins per case.)   

Besides regular aluminum foil pie plates, we also carry heavier aluminum baking pans that can be washed and reused (with a little care.)  See the 6”, 9”, and 10” tins that say Heavy Duty in the title.   The heavy pie plates will stand up to most anything you can pile up in them, they are made of a much thicker aluminum foil.

Sometimes you need pie pans delivered quickly - choose expedited shipping in checkout.  Or give us a call, we’re here to help (phone number and email in the logo at the top of this page.)   Our normal shipping is pretty quick, many orders are shipped the same day.  We’re located in Southern California, so orders shipped to the East coast will generally take 4 to 6 business days to arrive.

BUYING GUIDE - IMPORTANT NOTE: please don'’t rely on just the photos for your purchasing decision,– pie pans look pretty much alike in the pictures. You will want to Read the dimensions - see if this is the right size pan for you. We have found by experience that it’s easier and cheaper to take an extra minute or so and make sure that you buy the correct size, rather than buy the wrong pan and have to pay to ship it back to us for exchange.

Please note that different manufacturers make pie pans differently. If you are looking to replace a pan you have been using you will need to measure the pan that you have been using. We measure our pans and list the dimensions in every listing so that you can find the pan you need. 

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