Turkey Lacers - 12 Count Per Pack #20918

Chef Craft
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Turkey Lacer - 12 Count Per Pack - #20918

  • Stainless steel turkey skewers with a hoop end
  • Chef Craft brand, made in China
  • Twelve lacers with about 54 inches of twine per pack
  • Each lacer is about 4" long and about 1/16th. inch thick wire
  • Quality is pretty good, REUSABLE  

Turkey lacer pricing: $1.99 per pack of 12 lacers

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Need a sample?
Not sure these will work for you? We know a lot of our clients use turkey lacers for crafts and need a particular size. We can send a sample. What we do is put one lacer pin in an envelope (protected so it won't poke through) and mail it to you. Call or email with your mailing address (our email and phone # is at the top of this page.) Made from stainless steel this utensil is designed to hold the turkey cavity closed as it bakes. The sharp end of the Turkey Lacer is inserted in the skin around the cavity opening to bring the skin together. When the poultry is finished cooking, the Lacer can be removed before carving the meat. Turkey lacers use a trussing twine to sew the cavity closed and to tie loose parts of poultry closer together for a more compact shape and more consistent cooking throughout. The skewers may also be inserted and woven through the bird parts such as the wings and legs of poultry to secure these parts against the body of the bird.